Computer with internet access

After installation of JCMsuite you can update the license configuration with JCMcontrol (menu Settings-> License Activation). This will open the following license configuration GUI:


If you are connected to the Internet, you can directly request a new license for your machine by clicking Request now. A dialog appears where you can enter your e-mail address. After processing, a license activation key will be sent to you which allows your to complete the licensing process.

On Linux you can also use a command-line tool similar to the installer:

>> <JCMROOT>/license/configure_license

Offline computer

If your computer is not connected to the Internet you need to select "license file for offline computer" in the above license configurator tool and step through the following points:

1) Register hardware id and apply for license

To identify your computer, please run the hw_explorer tool placed in the bin folder of your installation (or press Run hw_explorer in the license configurator GUI). Transfer the created hardware identification file to a computer with Internet access and upload it together with your contact e-mail by the following form:

In case of a demo-license an activation key will be sent immediately to you. When requesting a commercial license JCMwave will contact you via e-mail to make an offer.

2) Download license file

After processing your license request an e-mail with an activation key will be sent to you. This allows you to download the license file for your offline computer from this website:

Transfer the license file to the destination computer and install the license with the license configuration tool.

Update license information

Resend license activation key

If you are a registered user, please fill in your e-mail address to receive the activation keys for your registered computers:

The provided e-mail address is only used for the specified purpose and will not be stored or shared in any form.

License file update

If you need to reinstall JCMsuite or your license has been updated, you can again download the license file using the license configuration tool. For an offline computer, use the following form:

Transfer the license file to the destination computer and install the license with the license configuration tool.

Get an offer for upgrading a license

If you want to request an license upgrade, please use the following form: