Download and Installation

Download JCMsuite

Select JCMsuite-Version:

(For 14 day trial period please follow the regular installation process.)

Install JCMsuite

  • Windows: Run the downloaded installer JCMsuite_x_x_x_win64.exe (x_x_x stands for the version number) .

  • Linux: The Linux package comes as a self-extracting archive with a command-line interface started by:

    >> sh

    The installation on Linux is completely local. No environmental variables will be set. To uninstall JCMsuite, remove the installation directory after making sure that no user data have been stored in the installation directory. For OpenGL requirements see here.

The installer also guides you through the licensing process.


The installation of a node-locked license is based on a 32-digit activation key. If you are connected with the Internet the installer will ask you for an e-mail address and the activation key will be sent immediately to you when requesting a demo-license. To configure a floating license ask your system administrator for the access data of the license server (hostname and port).

If you want to re-configure the license for an installed JCMsuite, or if you want to install a license on a computer without Internet access, see Activation.